Past Speakers

Nick Woodman, GoPro CEO
Steve Young, Managing Partner and Co-Founder, HGGC

Robert Reich, Professor of Public Policy at the University of California Berkeley
Michael Grimes, Managing Director Morgan Stanley
Dave Conte, CFO of Splunk
Marcus Ryu, CEO of Guidewire
Robert Thomas, CEO of Infoblox
Steve Sordello, CFO of LinkedIn

Kate Mitchell, Managing Director, Scale Venture Partners
Joel Moss, FBI
Chuck Reed, Mayor of San Jose, CA
Andy Kessler, Author, Eat People and Other Unapologetic Rules for Game-Changing Entrepreneurs
Garth Saloner, Dean of Stanford University
Aaron Levie, CEO and co-founder of Box

Larry Summers, White House Chairman, National Economic Council
Larry Baer, SF Giants President
Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ

Frank Quattrone, CEO of Qatalyst Partners
Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook
Dan Rose, Vice President of Partnerships and Platform Marketing of Facebook
Tom Siebel, Chairman of First Virtual Group
Jeff Jordan, CEO of Open Table
Kevin Genieser, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley
Larry Solomon, Equity Investment Analyst, Capital Research Group
Thom Wiesel, CEO, Thomas Weisel Partners
Greg Jamison, San Jose Sharks CEO
James Carville, Political Consultant

Michael Arrington, TechCrunch Founder
John Riccitiello, CEO, Electronic Arts
Robbie Bach, President of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division
David Girouard, President of Google Enterprise
Michael Moritz, Sequoia Capital
Don Valentine, Founder of Sequoia Capital
Dick Kramlich, Founder of New Enterprise Associates
Reid Dennis, Founder of Institutional Venture Partners
Bill Draper, Founder of Sutter Hill Ventures
Dave Girouard, President of Google Enterprise

Paul Begala, CNN Political Analyst
Steve Lucas, SVP,
Tom Stocky, Product Manager, Google
Adam Selpisky, VP,
Frank Quattrone, Founder, Qatalyst Group
Jim Davidson, Co-Founder, Silver Lake
Gene Frantz, Partner, Texas Pacific Group
Neil Garfinkel, Co-founder and Partner, Francisco Partners
Michael Moritz, General Partner, Sequoia Capital
Rebecca Buckman, Reporter, Wall Street Journal
Quentin Hardy, Silicon Valley Bureau Chief, Forbes
Andreas Kluth, Technology Correspondent, The Economist
Adam Lashinsky, Senior Writer, Fortune
Chamath Palihapitiya, Vice President, Product Marketing & Operations, Facebook

Tucker Carlson, Host, MSNBC's Tucker
Dr. Craig Venter, CEO, Synthetic Genomics
Neal Isaacson, CFO, EnerNOC
Emmanuel T. Hernandez, CFO, SunPower Corp.
Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google
Mitt Romney, U.S. Presidential Candidate
Martin Eberhard, CEO and Co-Founder, Tesla Motors
Frank Quattrone, 23-year investment banking veteran
Phil Gordon, Poker Champion, Author, Host of Celebrity Poker Showdown
Tony Zingale, CEO, Mercury Interactive

Deep Nishar, Director, Product Management, Google
Dave Peterschmidt, CEO, Openwave
Michael Moritz, Partner, Sequoia Capital
Quentin Hardy, Silicon Valley Bureau Chief, Forbes
Andreas Kluth, Technology Correspondent, The Economist
Mark Boslet, Technology Correspondent, Dow Jones
John Combs, CEO, ShoreTel Communications
Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO, Financial Engines
Scott Weiss, CEO, IronPort

John Muleta, Chief, FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
Robert Klein II, Klein Financial Corporation
Philip Zelikow, Former Executive Director, 9/11 Commission
Eliot Spitzer, New York State Attorney General
Nicolas Carr, Author, Does It Matter? IT and the Corrosion of Competitive Advantage
John McAdam, CEO, F5 Network
Brian Roberts, CEO, Comcast

Billy Beane, GM, Oakland A's
Scott Kriens, CEO, Juniper Networks
Eric Benhamou, Chairman, PalmSource
Dan Warmenhoven, CEO, Network Appliance

John Thompson, CEO, Symantec
Richard Clark, Special Advisor to the President for Cyberspace Security
Ray Lane, General Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Bill Bradley, Former US Senator; Managing Director, Allen & Co.
Gordon Eubanks, CEO, Oblix; former CEO, Symantec

Peter Cartwright, CEO, Calpine Corp.
Forrest Sawyer, Anchor, NBC News and MSNBC
Michael Marks, CEO, Flextronics
John Kasich, Managing Director, Lehman Brothers

Gray Davis, Governor of California
George Schultz, Distinguished Fellow, Hoover Institution
Pat House, Co-founder, Siebel Systems
David Botstein, Professor & Chairman, Stanford University School of Medicine
Dan Warmenhoven, CEO, Network Appliance
Ammar Hanafi, VP of Corporate Development, Cisco Systems
Don Listwin, CEO, OpenWave
Jen-Hsun Huang, President, Nvidia Co.

Scott Cooke, Chairman, Intuit
Leigh Steinberg, Steinberg & Moorad
Marc Andressen, Founder, Netscape
Pehong Chen, CEO, BroadVision
Ronnie Lott & Harris Barton, Champion Ventures, San Francisco 49'ers
Mark Hoffman, CEO, Commerce One
Walter Alessandrini, CEO, Avanex

Greg Maffie, CFO, Microsoft
Mike Volpi, VP, Cisco Systems
Rob Glaser, CEO, Real Networks
Thomas Jermoluk, Chairman, @Home Networks
George Bell, CEO, Excite
Meg Whitman, President, eBay
Eric Schmidt, CEO, Novell
George Scangos, CEO, Exelixis

John Hennessy, Professor and Dean of Engineering, Stanford University
David House, CEO, Bay Networks
Tim Koogle, CEO, Yahoo!
Dennis Jones, CTO, Federal Express
Les Vadesz and Avram Miller, SVP and VP, Intel
Don McKenney, CEO, International Network Services
Aneel Bhusri, SVP, PeopleSoft

Lewis Platt, Chairman, HP
William Campbell, CEO, Intuit
John Young, Chairman, Novell
Eric Benhamou, CEO, 3Com
Gil Amelio, Chairman, Apple Computer
Leroy Hood, University of Washington, Dept. of Molecular Biology
Jeffrey Hudson, VP, Informix
Carmen Policy, President, San Francisco 49'ers

Roger McNamee, GP, Integral Partners
Tom Campbell, California State Senator
Dr. Eric Schmidt, CTO, Sun Microsystems
John Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems
Dr. David Liddle, CEO, Interval Research Corporation
Kirk Raab, Chairman, Shaman Pharmaceuticals
Roger Staubach, CEO, The Staubach Company
Christopher Dodd, US Senator

Trip Hawkins, President, The 3DO Company
Bruce Vanyo, Wilson Sonsini
William Lerach, Milberg Weiss
David Botstein, Professor, Chairman, Dept. of Genetics, Stanford School of Medecine
Don Nelson, Coach, Golden State Warriors
Joe Feshbach, Feshbach Brothers
Sam Miller, US Department of Justice
Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Professor, Stanford University

Keith Schaefer, President, Paramount Technology Group
Scott Cook, CEO, Intuit
George Roberts, Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
Peter Magowan, CEO, SF Giants
Kirk Raab, CEO, Genentech
Carter Beese, SEC Commissioner
John Garamendi, California State Insurance Commissioner
Howard Palefsky, President, Collagen Corp.

Tom Huening, Candidate, US House of Representatives
Dr. Bruce Herchensoh, Executive Director, The Exploratorium
Clint Smith, Program Officer, The Hewlett Foundation
Benno Schmidt, Jr., CEO, The Edison Project
Dr. Haresh Shah, Chairman, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Stanford University
Robert Arnold, Senior Economist & Co-Founder, Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy
Les Vadasz, SVP, Intel
John McQuillan, CEO, McQuillan Consulting

Michael Spindler, President, COO, Apple Computer
Roger McNamee, Entrepreneur
Dan Case, Hambrecht & Quist
Eff Martin, Goldman Sachs
Misha Petovich, Robertson, Stephens & Co.
George Rathmann, CEO, Icos
Kathleen Brown, Treasurer, State of California
Dennis Gladwell, Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
William Delphos, President, Delphos International
Dr. William Spencer, CEO, Sematech
Geoffrey Moore, Principal, Geoffrey Moore Group

Robert Matsui, US Congressman
Christian Wignall, Chief Investment Officer, G.T. Global Mutual Funds
Franklin Johnson, Asset Manager
David Tory, President, Open Software Foundation
Robert Kavner, Group Executive, AT&T
Michael Rothschild, Author, Bionomics: The Inevitability of Capitalism
Dr. Francois L'Eplatteneir, Chairman, Central Research Committee, Ciba-Geigy

Gordon Moore, Chairman, Intel
Carter McClelland, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley
Robyn Shotwell Metcalfe, Author, KGB: Are the Soviets Stealing Our Technology?
Frank Currie, Attorney, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Bob Gunderson, Attorney, Brobeck, Phelger & Harrison
Andrew Rappaport, Technology Research Group
John Garamendi, California State Senator
James Wilson, Professor of Management and Public Policy, UCLA
John Wilkerson, CEO, the Wilkerson Group
Larry Mone, IDA, Ireland
Adriaan Roosen, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency
Jeff Thorton, Scottish Development Agency

Dick Shaffer, Editor & Publisher, Computer Letter
Tom Campbell, Candidate for US Congress
Joel Birnbaum, Vice President & General Manager, Hewlett Packard
Dr. Robert Lucky, Executive Director, AT&T Bell Labs
Ser Gladwyn Goins, Associate Regional Administrator, SEC
Barry Posner, Ph.D. Director of Graduate Education, Leavey School of Business, University of Santa Clara

John Wilkerson, President, The Wilkerson Group
Ken Oshman, VP, IBM
Julian Gresser, Attorney
Pete Wilson, US Senator
Scott McNealy, President, Sun Microsystems
Donald Dixon, Paribas Technology
Peter Drake, Vector Securities

Larry Sonsini, Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati
W.J. Sanders, III, Chairman, Advanced Micro Devices
Robert Kirby, Chairman, Capital Guardian Trust
John Hennessy, Professor, Computer Science, Stanford University
Dr. Donald Hicks, President, Hicks and Associates
Alan Cranston, US Senator
Dr. Ken Paigen, Professor and Vice Chairman, UC Berkeley
Peter Giles, CEO, Technology Center of San Jose

Q. T. Wiles, Chairman of Seven Companies
Wilfred Corrigan, President, LSI Logic
Bill Honig, California Superintendent of Public Instruction
James Gibbons, Dean of the School of Engineering, Stanford University
Regis McKenna, Founder, The McKenna Group
Donald Rowlett, President, Ross Stores
Esther Dyson, Editor-Publisher, Release 1.0
Trip Hawkins, President, Electronic Arts

Stan Pratt, Editor & Publisher, Venture Capital Journal
T.J. Rodgers, President, Cypress Semiconductor
Dr. Dixon Doll, CEO, The DMW Group
Edward Mc Cracken, President and CEO, Silicon Graphics
T. Gary Rodgers, Chairman and CEO, Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream
Larry Sutter, President, Northwest Instrument Systems
Sandy Robertson, Robertson, Colman and Stephens

Robert Wilson
Phil Woodward, Chalone Vineyard
Bob Metcalfe, Chairman, 3Com Corp.
Michael Murphy & Jim Mc Camant, Co-Editors, California Technology Stock Letter
Michael J. Boskin, Professor of Economics, Stanford University
Russell Targ, Noted Physicist
Fred Gibbons, President, Softward Publishing
Pierre Lamond, Capital Management
Floyd Kvamme, Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
James Bochnowski, Technology Venture Investors
C. Woodrow Rea, Jr., New Enterprise Associates

Edmund Brown, Jr., Governor of California
Peter Wilson, Mayor of San Diego
James H. Levy, CEO, Activision
Steven Wheelright, Operations Strategy, Professor, Harvard School of Business
Dr. James Bell, Hewlett Packard
Terry Opdendyk, President, Visicorp
Edward O'Malley, Asst. Director, FBI
W.J. Corrigan, President, LSI Logic
Franklin Johnson, Jr., Thomas Davis, and Frank Chambers

Robert Kirby, Money Manager and Porsche Racer
Bill Perry, Hambrecht & Quist
Ed Zschau, Chairman, Systems Industries
E.A. Carter, CEO, Oak Industries
Bert Bowers, President, Syntex
Sam Armacot, CEO, Bank of America NT & SA
Otto Eckstein, Chairman, Data Resources
William Draper, III, Chairman, Export-Import Bank of the US

Dr. Michael Boskin, Professor of Economics, Stanford University
Dr. Robert Noyce, Co-Founder, Intel
Dr. Yule Bogue, Treasurer, Cetus
Rene McPherson, Dean, Stanford Business School
Tom O'Rourke, President, Tymeshare
Dr. Clifford Keene, Retired CEO, Kaiser Foundation
Ray Thomasson, President, Spectrum Oil & Gas
John Imlay, President, Management Science America

Tony Schreiber, Chairman, Specialty Brands
Dr. Bernard Oliver, VP, Hewlett Packard
C. Welsley Pulson, President, Coldwell Banker
John Oliver Wilson, VP, Bank of America
Paul McCloskey, US Congressman
Dr. Donald Kennedy, Provost, Stanford University
Douglas Dittrick, President, Douglas Communications
Dr. Thomas Tutko, Father of Sports Psychology

Robert Lurie, Owner, SF Giants
Peter Redfield, CEO, Intel
Bill Steiger, US Congressman
Robert Baldwin, President, Morgan Stanley
Dr. Bob Glaser, Director, Hewlett Packard, Head of Stanford Medical School
William Ball, General Director, Founder, American Conservatory Theatre
George Comstock, President, Durango Systems
Renn Zaphiropoulos, President, Versatic
Robert Schroeder, President, Qume

Philip Fisher, Stock Investor and Author
Dan Conlan, Chief Economist, The Capital Group
Robert Kleist, President, Printronix
Frederick Smith, Chairman, Federal Express
Anthony Athos, Professor of Organizational Behavior
Donald Clifford, McKinsey & Co.
Howard Anderson, President, Yankee Group

Leif Olson, Economist, Citibank
Gene Amdahl, Founder, The Amdahl Corp.
Thomas Andersen, President, CBS Retail Stores
Ken Oshman, President, Rolm Corp.
Frank Bacci, Principal, Bacci, Bennett & Gould
Robert Feibusch, Chairman, Impell Corp.

George Roberts, Partner, Bear, Stearns & Co.
P. M. Cook, President, Raychem Corp.
Jeremy Davis, VP, Boston Consulting Group
George Quist, Partner, Hambrecht & Quist
Don Fisher, President, The Gap
Edward Borcherdt, Founder, Borscherdt & Co.
Stewart Smythe, President, International Rubber Industries
Nolan Bushnell, President, Atari

Claude Rosenberg, Senior Partner, Rosenberg Capital Management
William Edwards, Partner, Bryan & Edwards
B. Kipling Hagopian, Partner, Brentwood Associates
David Arscott, GM, Citicorp Venture Capital
Robert Frick, VP, Measurex
Lester Colbert, President, XIDEX
George Reppas, Former Chairman, Societe AGM
Thomas Unterberg, Partner, Unterberg, Towbin, Co.
Dr. Robert Noyce, Chairman, Intel
Ms. Dianne Feinstein, President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Professor Steven Brandt, Stanford University
Lawrence Goldberg, Partner, Glicksberg, Kushner & Goldberg

Luis Alvarez, Professor of Physics, Stanford University
Charles Stanley, President, Opportunity Capital Corp.
Dan McGurk, President, Computer Industry Associates
Dr. Gene Amdahl, President, Amdahl Corp.
Fred Adler, Partner, Reavis & McGrath
Michael Moscarello, President, International Video Corporation
Richard Elkus, Chairman, AMPEX Corp.
Honorable Paul McCloskey, US Congressman
Stanley Hiller, Chairman, Reed Tool Company
Leland Prussia, EVP, Bank of America

Lee Boysel, President Four-Phase Systems
Glen McLaughlin, VP, Four-Phase Systems
Toby Schreiber, President, Specialty Brands
David Dunn, Idanta Partners
Jesse Aweida, President, Storage Technology Corp.
Martin Zimmerman, President, Telco Marketing Services
Terence Maher, Chairman, Pentos
John Freidenrich, Ware & Freidenrich
Thomas Meade, President, Kremple & Meade
Edward Glassmeyer, General Partner, Sprout Capital
Stewart Greenfield, VP, Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette
Herbert Dwight, President, Spectra-Physics
Peter Drucker, Professor, Author
Gene Conatser, Director of Research, Bank of America
Bruce Cleveland, Special Assistant for SBIC Development

Dr. Hubert Heffner, Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, Stanford University
Dr. Alejandro Zaffaroni, President, Alza Corp.
Jack Stutman, Partner, Quittner, Stutman, Treister & Glatt
William Hambrecht, Partner, Hambrecht & Quist
Walter Stults, EVP, National Association of Small Business Investment Companies
Michael Hone, VP, Continental Capital
George Comstock, President, Diablo, Systems
Burton Cohn, President, Xynetics

Frank Shallenberger, Professor, Stanford University
Dr. Solomon Miller, Technical Advisor, Bessemer Securities
Dr. Jack Melchor, Venture Capitalist
Robert Chambers, CEO, Envirotech
Trude Taylor, Chairman, Electronic Memories and Magnetics
Ned Heizer, Chairman, Heizer Corp.
George Quist, Partner, Hambrecht & Quist
Thomas Davis, Partner, Mayfield Fund
Wayne Prim, Howard, Prim, Smith, Rice & Downs
John Larson, Brobeck, Phlegar & Harrison
James Gaither, Cooley, Crowley, Gaither, Godward, Castro & Huddleson
Stephen Hinchliffe, Chairman, The Leisure Group
Charles Anderson, President, Stanford Research Institute
Robert Davis, Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Dr. Walter Hoadley, Chief Economist, Bank of America
James Riley, President, Intersil
Edward Scarff, CEO, rock Island Corp.
Philip Greer, Partner, Weiss, Peck & Greer
Burgess Jamieson, Partner, WestVen Management