Our Mission

In 1962, some of the industry's original venture investors began meeting in San Francisco's Olympic Club to share ideas—and deals. Informal at first, the group's popularity took hold and by 1969, it became the first official non-profit venture capital organization in the world—the Western Association of Venture Capitalists. Some 40 years later, WAVC is made up of more than 100 venture firms and more than 1,000 venture capitalists.

WAVC still offers West Coast venture capitalists the opportunity to come together to socialize, share insights, and discuss deals. Today, WAVC's primary focus is its distinguished speaker series, which has hosted more than 500 of the country's most celebrated business, financial, government, and academic leaders—from Dianne Feinstein and George Schultz, to Eric Schmidt, Meg Whitman, John Chambers, Peter Drucker and Geoffrey Moore. Exclusive to WAVC members, these luncheon events are thought provoking and informative.

See a list of past speakers since 1970.

In addition to its luncheon events, WAVC sponsors annual charity tennis and golf tournaments. The organization also actively aids local communities through its support of several nonprofits.